We Believe...
  •  We believe the greenest thing you can do is buy used.
  •  We believe a used car will get you there as well as a new one.
  • We believe butter goes on anything.
  •  We believe in self reliance.
  •  We believe in buying local.
  •  We believe denting a used car feels better than scratching a new one.
  •  We believe if you don't have anything nice to say...then just sip your whiskey.
  •  We believe in seeing the world.
  •  We believe an honest apology fixes almost anything.
  •  We believe in giving away things you don't want to sell.
  •  We believe in reading books.
  •  We believe in an extra fridge in the garage.
  •  We believe in sharing with those that don't have.
  •  We believe in selling everything you no longer need.
  •  We believe in big spare change jars.
  •  We believe in using spare change to travel.
  •  We believe a community with family owned businesses is happier.
This is what we believe...Let us know what you believe.  
We'll post your thoughts on our site!
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