Where to pick up the I Wanta Weekly...
Washington Area
Ruff Creek Markets -Rt. 19
Sunoco -Murtland Ave.
Gas N Go -Murtland Ave.
Mega Express -Murtland Ave.
Mei Wen -Main St
CoGo's -Jefferson Ave.
Nick's -Jefferson Ave.
Dollar General -Jefferson Ave.
GetGo -Jefferson Ave.
Cig City -Jefferson Ave.
Circle K -Rt. 18
Dollar General -Rt. 18
Isaly's - Jefferson Ave.
Ruff Creek Markets
Foodland -Chestnut St.
Sunoco -Chestnut St.
Sunshine Food Mart -Chestnut St.
Ruff Creek Markets -Chestnut St.
7- Eleven -Chestnut St.
Circle K -Chestnut St.
Shop N Save
Uni Mart -Maiden St.
Beau Mart
Meadowlands Area
Seven Hills Convenience
Gas N Go
Dollar General
7- Eleven
CoGos -Houston
Dollar General -Houston
Gabby's -Meadowlands
BP -Race Track Rd.
Speedway -Rt. 19
Bridgeville to Midway Area
Sunoco -Bridgeville
In N Out -Cecil
Dollar General -Cecil
Express Mart -Oakdale
Sil's -Oakdale
TJ's -McDonald
Giant Eagle -McDonald
Dollar General -McDonald
Midway Mini Mart -Midway
Burgetstown Area
Ruff Creek Markets -Rt. 18
Alexy's Service -Rt. 18
Petrucci's IGA
Grab N Go
Saffron Square -Avella
Ruff Creek Markets -Hickory
Dollar General -Hickory

Claysville/Lone Pine Area
Ruff Creek Markets
Dollar General -Rt. 40
Minteers -Rt. 40
Ruff Creek Markets -Rt. 40
Frye's State Line
Lone Pine Market
True Convenience -Lone Pine
Brownsville Area
Ruff Creek Markets
Giant Eagle
Dollar General
Sunoco Mini Mart
Ruff Creek Markets -84 area
7-Eleven -84 area
Ruff Creek Markets -I-70, 84 area
GetGo -Bealsville
Dollar General -Rt. 40
Linda's Mart -Rt. 40
Dollar General -Brownsville
BP -Brownsville
Sweet Pea's -Brownsville
Foodland -Brownsville
Mon Valley Area
Luntsky's Market -Roscoe
Dollar General -Roscoe
Charleroi Sunoco
Dollar General -Charleroi
Cougar Mini Mart
Dollar General -Donora
The Station -Donora
Uni Mart -Donora
Sheetz -Monongahala
7-Eleven -New Eagle
Sunoco Food Mart -Finnleyville
Dollar General -Elrama
Sunoco -Elrama
Shop N Go -Elrama
Dollar General -Elizabeth
CoGo's -Rt. 51
Sheetz -Belle Vernon
Dollar General -Belle Vernon
Perryopolis Area
Dollar General -Rt. 51
Speedway -Rt. 51
CoGo's -Rt. 51
Honey Bear -Rt. 51

Jefferson Area
Pecjak's Sunoco
Giant Eagle
Coen Markets -Rt. 21
True Convenience -Rt. 21
Dollar General
Belko Foods
Pioneer Grocery -Rodgersville
Graysville Store
Burn's Exxon
Bartolotto's Market -Prosperity
Ruff Creek General Store
Belko Foods -Jefferson
Dollar General -Jefferson
Muhly's -Clarksville
Ten Mile Junction
Fredericktown Butcher
Gabby's -Fredericktown
Masontown Area
Dollar General -Rt. 88
Circle K
Medicine Mine -Rt. 88
Shop N Save -Rt. 88
Sheetz -Rt.88 & Rt. 21

If you have a favorite stop in the area that doesn't have the I Wanta Weekly, let us know and we will look into adding them to the route.
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